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BLOG by aswespin

We’re live! Welcome to the first post. This is the new home.


aswespin started as a rough idea, a sketch and it became a painting, more paintings, collaborations, stickers, postcards, t-shirts and now here is the blog. You are very welcome to be here and to join the path of this new direction. Growth like this feels good but it’s more about finding the correct way to give substance to the funny aswespin faces you might have seen around. These lil’ guys mean something and it is fun but it’s also pretty deep too. My intention is to start unpacking this meaning in a series of posts and articles here on the blog, in addition to this site being a base for all things to do with the ongoing art shows, clothing and art releases, new work, collabos, friends stuff, events and so on… see it as a home for aswespin… if you dig what you see then stay tuned, hang a bookmark and come by from time-to-time and knock on the door, we might just come out to play.

Peace and much love to you all. More to come…

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